Wild Things Animal Feed

Innovative designs to make keeping free-range chickens even easier and more rewarding.

  • The perfect feeder
  • The easy to use and fun to watch Vegetable Holder
  • The healthy and tasty Easy-grow Wheatgrass
  • The ultimate in chicken fun - our brand new Chicken Gyms!
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F&B Chicken Feeder

Assembly Instruction video

With adjustable height legs, a unique flexible rain shield that chickens can't perch on plus anti-tip design to prevent wastage, this is the ultimate chicken feeder.

And it looks great too!

We might be biased but the best food you can put in this attractive new feeder is Feathers & Beaky.  Our feeder holds 1.8kg of Feathers & Beaky Layers Pellets.


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F&B Vegetable Holder

Although chickens like to scratch about, throwing vegetables on the ground isn't ideal. They get dirty and any that isn't eaten can attract those dreaded rats.

Put them in our robust vegetable holder instead and you'll lose a few hours watching them jump up to get a beak full. It's good excercise for your hens and the veg lasts longer too, helping to prevent boredom.


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F&B Top-fill 2 Ltr Chicken Drinker NEW

Assembly Instruction video

We're thrilled that our new drinker has arrived!

Topping up your chickens' water is now so easy, and drip free! Simply take the lid off and fill from the top. No turning it upside down and getting covered with water. It's anti-tip, is height adjustable and it looks stunning, especially next to our feeder.


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F&B Peck-It Treat Dispenser NEW

It's what your chickens have been waiting for!!

Fill our new Peck-It Treat Dispenser with Feathers & Beaky Chicken Treat or mealworms and, when your hens peck at it, a few will fall out. It'll keep them amused for hours on end and vermin won't be attracted by food on the floor - it's a win/win all round!