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Chicken feeding tips for happy healthy hens

Chickens should always have access to a purpose-made feed like Layers Pellets, as this will provide all the proteins and essential vitamins and minerals that they need to produce nice yellow-yolked eggs and to keep them healthy. Layers Pellets should be fed in a purpose-built Chicken Feeder. It is important that you select a feeder for the number of birds.

Feeders and Drinkers don’t need to be placed in the coop unless the birds are confined, as they do not feed or drink once they have gone to bed. This also prevents them from knocking over and contaminating their feed. One hen will eat 150g-180g of Layers Pellets per day.

As a treat, you can give your chickens some mixed corn, or Feathers & Beaky Chicken Treat. A small handful scattered in the afternoon will be enjoyed enormously. They will also love a regular treat of cabbage or lettuce leaves (our Hanging Vegetable Holder is perfect for keeping veg clean and dry). Grit is an essential part of a chicken’s diet, as it helps grind the food down in their gizzards. Scatter it on the ground and your chickens will know exactly when they need it!

Fresh, clean water should always be accessible so select a drinker large enough for your coop. It is recommended that water is changed at least twice a week to prevent build-up of algae. As a rough guide, one hen will consume 250ml of water per day, perhaps more in hot weather.

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