About Us

We love happy chickens! And we love fresh eggs. And we know the two things go hand in hand.

Feathers & Beaky products have been specially designed for all your free-range chicken keeping needs and requirements. At Feathers & Beaky, we make specialist feeds, treats and accessories to keep your hens happy and healthy.

Our stylish range of feeders and accessories ensure that your chickens are fed well and also kept entertained by their playful nature.

Our treats range bursts with health-boosting ingredients to ensure your feathered friends live happy and healthy lives.

Our feeds have been carefully developed to help your hens lay eggs of the best and tastiest quality.


  1. Serena Harborne
    Great food choices for hens and chicks. Treat mix is definitely a favourite.

  2. Amelia Whybro
    Our chickens love the treats from feathers and beaky. Can't find any other chicken treats that compare. Also love the nest herbs in the hen house.

  3. Sarah Tye
    I love the variety of the Feathers & Beaky range. Chicken food is pretty boring normally but their range has more variety and snacks and accessories to prevent boredom. Chickens love it!

  4. Jo Evans
    The products are so well made, My chooks love their spiral feeder, it's perfect for stuffing full of veggies and provides 'hentertainment' for them and us.

  5. Caz Shepherd
    Great sturdy products great value for money and excellent quality.


chickens in a garden
chickens with their eggs
Two chickens