Spikes Hedgehog Food

Your hens will love our 100% natural feeds and treats, stylish feeders and fun accessories!

Feathers & Beaky for happy healthy chickens – and great tasting eggs!

100% natural 100% healthy

At Feathers & Beaky, we know you only have to taste an egg to know if the chicken that laid it was a happy one.

A happy chicken needs fresh air, space and lots of good wholesome food!

Ruling the roost

That’s why we've created our unique range of chicken foods to give your chickens everything they need to stay in tip-top condition.

Balanced healthy recipes made from 100% natural ingredients and packed with vitamins & minerals.

Pecking order

But it's not just about your chicken's food - it's how you feed and care for them too!

Give your chickens' roost a boost with our ultimate chicken accessories including our Chicken Feeders, Chicken Drinkers and Vegetable Holders.

Choose Feathers & Beaky for happy, healthy chickens and great tasting eggs.